usuarioDear Danny and Melissa,

Working with you has been a joy and pleasure. Everyone says that construction can be a torment and a nightmare, Well, parts of our renovation were difficult – like how long it seemed to take to finish everything – but YOUR part was wonderful.

You employ workers with a sense of pride and dedication. They work hard everyday and do a great job.

But you Danny, are the “heart and soul” of the operation – you take personal responsibility for every aspect of the work – we loved meeting your charming children and your beautiful dog – you had wonderful ideas and brought them to life. Even to the point of visiting our home in the evenings and on week-ends, to check on the koi and aim the lighting.

Because of you, our dreams are a reality – and thanks to your efforts, we had two parties on the week-end of September 28th and showed off our new home with pride to our friends and family.

Thank you for everything – and please feel free to use us as a reference – we are happy to show the house and talk to anyone interested to know how well you do your job.

Kindest regards,
Maddy & Neil


usuarioDear Friends,

We are so grateful for your participation in our grounds refurbishment, especially for the removal of surplus vegetacion, chipping of organic matter for trails paths, and cleaning of the Christian Education Building Gutters. At a time of real financial austerity, the church will always be grateful for this generous work (involving 4 workers).

We will make sure to let our neighbors and our menbers know of your available services. Do not hesitate to use us for references/endorsements!

Rev. Bruce C. Page 


usuarioDear Mr. & Mrs. Clapp

On behalf of the Rockland County Drainage Agency (“RCDA”), I would like to thanks you both for your donation of 108 spruce trees for our Sparkill Creek tree planting project.

The RCDA, working together with the Rockland Americorps and local volunteers planted the trees along the bank of the Sparkill Creek on August 18 2012. The trees are doing well, and we will continue to water them regulary.

Thanks to your generous donation the project was a complete success.

Very truly yours,

Vicent Altieri
Rockland County Drainage Agency